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Hi!! I’m pleased to meet you~ <3
At the moment I’m a student who’s still trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life.
I’ve been a magical girl enthusiast for nearly all my life thanks to Sailor Moon, who holds a special place in my heart~ <3
My 2nd favorite series is both the Rebuild and tv series of Evangelion! Eva was the first sci-fi/ psychological anime I ever watched, so thanks to it I got interested in sci-fi anime! By the way, KawoShin is my OTP <3
Let’s see, other hobbies… oh! I also cosplay and like to read lots and lots of fanfiction! I also recently got back into playing video games after a LONG hiatus (a.k.a. school) so I’ve been playing a few here and there when I have time.
My favorite kinds of figures are Prize Figures since they can be beautiful hidden gems! <3 I really like poseable figures, such as Figma and s.h. figuarts (But to be honest, I like Figma better) I also like trading figures, but I only pick them up at cons when they’re discounted and they’re so tiny and cute~! (Yay, desk buddies~ <3 )
I’m a pretty bubbly and optimistic person who always tries to look at the bright side of things/life, so expect a lot of positivity from me! 😊
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Puntos MOE
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