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Hello there!https://images2.imgbox.com/c5/39/dkDOJzgi_o.pnghttps://images2.imgbox.com/c5/39/dkDOJzgi_o.pnghttps://images2.imgbox.com/c5/39/dkDOJzgi_o.pnghttps://images2.imgbox.com/c5/39/dkDOJzgi_o.png

My name's Ely! I'm a collector of all things comic/manga-oriented.

I collect tons of Western comics and manga, and have been doing so since I was a little girl. Although I used to pick up a gashapon, doll, or prize figure here and there as a teen, I've only gotten invested in figure/merch collecting a few years ago. My main collecting focuses are Dorohedoro, One-Punch Man, and Detective Conan/Case Closed. I also love a lot of old-school series too, especially those from the 90s because they're very nostalgic!

I also run MFC's One-Punch Man fanclub. Hit up my inbox if you're interested in becoming a mod, or if you want to chat! I'm also available on these other websites, including my OPM collection site (note: I haven't updated it in years).

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Is the blu ray dorohedoro box set” uncensored or is it the exact same as whats on netflix
Hace 2 meses
Happy birthday <3
Hace 10 meses
Happy birthday, friend! :D
Hace 10 meses
Happy birthday! :D
hace 1 año
Traditional clothing in general is nice.
I only realised the OST existed recently, gave it a listen and was surprised that it was breakcore/industrial, and that Igorrr performed one of the tracks. At first I thought an anime came out when I wasn't looking and got my hopes up.
hace 2 años
Great profile, I'm just in the midst of re-reading Dorohedoro now myself. Any idea who made the art of Ebisu wearing traditional clothing?
hace 2 años
Happy birthday! I hope you get to enjoy some delicious cake today. :D
hace 2 años
it's okay! haha, im glad you appreciated it.

i can really tell you put effort into your collection, it's amazing! im glad you have one that means so much to you. have a great day! <3
hace 2 años
?Your compatibility with NotSoFluent is 38%
You both like Higashikata Josuke, All Might, Asui Tsuyu."

hi ilu and ur tastes goodbye your collection is amazing,, detective conan was my childhood as i ate entire jars of buttered pickles and binge watching it :')
hace 2 años
NotSoFluenthace 3 años#24843032They haven't arrived yet actually, but I do mark shipped stuff as Owned once tracking tells me they're in the US. :0
I'll be on vacation by the time they're delivered, but I did find pictures on Twitter and uploaded them, at least for the multistand Conan.

Aww his so cute!!!
Dont suppose you found any of the other Conan or Akais on twitter?
hace 3 años

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