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    Kaneel on Ice

    please don't forget to tag your event picture uploads properly.
    Especially the new york toy fair uploads to avoid confusion with the wonfes uploads.

    hace 1 año
    BadWolfVindici (hace 3 años) #3347857Thanx for the FR :)
    You have so many lovely straps! And Oz-kun is one the most adorable ones <3

    No problem also thank you so much too! Oz-kun is a precious cinnamon roll so must get lots of love :D
    hace 3 años
    BadWolfVindici (hace 4 años) #3045812Однажды я обязательно запомню, куда Цукиборд сыплет FR и перестану фэйспалмить на эту тему xD
    Это будет однажды, а пока... ;3
    hace 4 años
    DeadlyAnime Web Designer
    View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
    hace 4 años
    No problem ^^ You're welcome =) Thanks for your comments !
    BadWolfVindici (hace 5 años) #2122066Sorry, I just saw your message. Thank you very much!!! It' so nice of you *___* And an entrance to Narnia to store all figure boxes would be great :D
    hace 5 años
    I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

    Happy Birthday ! =)
    hace 5 años
    BadWolfVindici (hace 6 años) #1181377Naaah, I'm not a yaoi girl at all :D And my only OTP it the one with me and my fav character ^///^ The problem is I still can't decide between Tyki Mikk and Vergil *///* Both, please @_@

    Yeah, that's him. But he's such a wimp and spineless chap! He doesn't even have a figure (what a protagonist xD). And has no darkside. No, wait, Kagura is his darkside. One more point to Kagura anyway ^^

    Haha! Too bad! There's a lot of nice Dante X Vergil artworks *///*
    Well, why choosing? You can have both ^^

    Hmm, hmm, ok. Sure Kagura is the best guy in this show (for what I saw) but I love the strange guy with long silver hair too...don't know his name though....

    OOOOOoooOOOHHH! I just figured out you are the girl I sold my Vergil!!! How bad I am, sorry! Is he doing well? Not too bad? When he was at home, he was really noisy, always yelling he wanted to kill his bro...but as I had no Dante at this time....XDDDD
    hace 6 años
    BadWolfVindici (hace 6 años) #1180333"Feral" - i mean when Kagura is like "it's mine stinking wench" and all this stuff ^^ And when Mikage makes him go mad ^^ Gee, I'm cruel, but angry Kagura = sexy Kagura *____________*
    Mikono is... Mikono -_- The one and only thing I like about her is Shushu :D And she doesn't deserve him either.

    I hope MH's Kagura goes without Amata's interchangeable head xD

    HAHA :D We're bad girls ^^ But imo, Kagura deserves a beautiful BL story :p Do you love BL? *////////////*

    Hmmmmmmmm, amata is the guy with orange hair, ne? You don't like him? He's somehow cute ^^
    hace 6 años
    BadWolfVindici (hace 6 años) #1176360Oh yeah, especially when he's in his feral mode <3 But I still can't understand what did he find in Mikono. She's not like Silvia at all >.< Not that I was so fond of Silvia while watching Sousei no Aquarion, but in comparison to Mikono she's ideal -_- Sorry for grumbling. Where was I? Oh, yes.
    You are a heartless woman, I need to make my translations for today, and I'm re-watching this episode again xDDD Shame on you! A demon and a woman :D
    IMO, figure!Kagura is very like anime!Kagura. Well, maybe not to the last detail, but still. (The only worry is whether that seam/clavicle(?)line will or will not be there in the end). Although I wouldn't mind if there was one (or not one ^^) more figure of Kagura ^^ Something like this maybe *_*
    Red-haired bishies, white-haired bishies, black-haired bishies... *_* Hm. I wonder are there any bald bishies? O.o

    haha! Didn't watch those two animes atm but...feral mode? what's this *///* Oh and yes, Mikono is....really.....she doesn't deserve him at all (I'm the only one who deserve him MUAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!)and sorry for your translations, it seems they're gonna wait a little longer fufufufu ^^

    Hmmmmm, yeah, I'd be glad with an Altair Kagura too ^^ like on the pic you showed me nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ^^ he's so handsooooooooooooooome!!!
    hace 6 años
    BadWolfVindici (hace 6 años) #1173870Oh, you've picked Kagura for your avatar *nosebleed* Just rewatched this episode, and here you are with this picture *____* Seems like I'm gonna rewatch it again, and it's totally your fault :D Ugh, can't wait for December, can't wait to hold this figure <3

    Haha! This guy is so hoooot ^__^ Sorry for the re_watch x1000 XDDDDDD
    And yeah, even if a lot of people seems to find the GEM horrible, I like him and waiting for him a lot too <333 I love Red-hair bishies *__*
    hace 6 años
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