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はじめまして。Hi, welcome to my page! I'm Amy, I recently graduated University in Nottingham where I read Philosophy (I studied Japanese for first year too but was unable to carry it on). In my free time I tend to read manga or other books and watch anime or my favourite programmes. I also like to spend my time playing games (mostly Nintendo, a little Square Enix and others), and crochet (generally amigurumi) is a great passion of mine.

I've been collecting for over five years now but have unfortunately been selling many figures due to not enjoying the hobby as much as I used to: I buy fewer now and stick to only those that I adore. Scales are my favourite figures to buy, I simply love the quality of them and will only buy from certain companies. I don't tend to buy figma as I'm not a huge fan of visible joints, but sometimes I get tempted since they look so fun~

Please look here to see what I'm selling! LIST #27666




Happy birthday and many more to come all the best
hace 2 años
Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day!
hace 2 años
hace 3 años
dimxxz ♥初音ミク
Happy Birthday AmyJane! Wish you all the best! Enjoy your day! :)
hace 3 años
Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day!
hace 3 años
AmyJanehace 3 años#17885957That's a pretty good one to be honest! That's my resolution every day of the year x3 It's so difficult to not procrastinate when I'm revising or something... Good luck with yours and I hope it works!

Thank you!! :)
hace 3 años
AmyJanehace 3 años#17509916I actually don't believe in New Year resolutions ^^; If there's something I want to change about my life I tend to do it there and then rather than waiting for the New Year... But that's just me! Do you have any? I really recommend it! Fate Zero was my favourite, I just adored all of the characters ^-^

I am so sorry for the late reply ;-; I completely agree with you! Actually my only "new year resolution" is to be more productive XD
hace 3 años
AmyJanehace 3 años#17379179It really sucks having so much to do over Christmas! T_T Hope you're enjoying the New Year though regardless? I'm just praying that a release date is announced for this month for ITEM #287683 soon! I'll be gutted if she's delayed again, I love her so much ♥

Yes I am enjoying the New Year, I hope it's going to be a good year XD Did you have any New Year resolutions? :) And omggg yes that figure is amazing *~* I haven't watched the Fate series (I really should though) so I'm not buying any Saber figures yet. But Saber is very popular and her figures look amazing <3
hace 3 años
AmyJanehace 3 años#17352850Not at all! Just lots of essays and revision for before I go back to University ><

Ohh I hate homework >w< I actually haven't been active on MFC because of school/homework XD
hace 3 años
AmyJanehace 3 años#17176797Merry Christmas to you too!
Sorry for the late reply, lots of things have been going on! Hope you have a very happy New Year too \^o^/

Thank you! And it's totally okay, I hope they weren't bad things that have been going on! D:
hace 3 años
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