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Name: Antonio
Country: Sweden


How i fell about Fridays when there is a new Jojo's bizarre adventure episode coming!
View spoilerHide spoiler http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah136/Altocoyo/tumblr_nbg29n93pb1s4qvrdo1_500_zpsuiphsxh4.gif

http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah136/Altocoyo/ns4IGrX_zpsjbe7ubvn.gif http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah136/Altocoyo/fb4_zps6lw3jme5.jpg http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah136/Altocoyo/Noteventhemaincharacterhasfaithsakatagintokiof_d18336_4505695_zps6x59aamd.gif


Nice you are here, so what about a poem

Kakyoin’s hair is red,
Polnareff’s hair is grey.
Avdol's hair is black
Where does Jotaro hat end
i don't know

This poem is just Muda muda muda

Yare yare, daze…
Jojo's Bizarre adventure, Naruto, Nisekoi,Gintama
Jojo's bizarre adventure, Naruto games, Any warriors game and others
Flow, Eir Aoi, ONE OK ROCK.


Thank you! (Sorry for the late reply.)
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Altocoyo (hace 3 años) #4029429Well it's the same for me am studying so i can't atm, yeah well i want a lot of jjba figures haha! but it's going to take a while, hm am waiting for my red coloured Dio with the cape and i even won it so that's totaly awesome cause it's free and a jjba figure ( Nah i don't really mind the late reply as long as you answer, well i took a while too XD)

Well,good luck with your studying! I want a lot of JJBA figures too! Hopefully you get your Dio figure soon! I wish I had the money to order figures. ;_; You won it?(Lol,okay! Like you said,as long as we answer back,its okay!XD)
hace 3 años
Altocoyo (hace 3 años) #3461137Yeah lady, Exactly! stardust crusaders is so awesome and what figures of jjba or any other series are you getting ow waiting for, i am getting dio part 3 from di molto bene but still i need som much more characters from jjba, so first up is the whole gang from stardust crusaders!

At the moment,Im not getting any figures unfortunately,but I do want a lot of figures!XD I really want JJBA & One Piece figures! Which Part 3 Dio are you getting:Shadow Dio or the one with the cape? I know what you mean though! I need so many more characters too! That would be cool to collect all the Stardust Crusaders!(By the way,sorry for the late reply!)
hace 3 años
Altocoyo (hace 3 años) #3447561YEAH! hahahaah i didn't see that Avdol reference at once XD but that's awesome, it made laugh! :P kakyoin is one of my favourites in stardust crusaders as well as pollnareff!

Lol,yeah. I try to use that reference whenever I can!XD I like all the Stardust Crusaders & Polnareff is one of my favs too! :D
hace 3 años
Altocoyo (hace 3 años) #3436538Hello thank you for adding me! :D
And I see that you are a JJBA collector like me! Which Is instantly awesome!so Kakyoin? Well he's one cool emerald splashu dude! (゜ロ゜)

You`re welcome! Thank you for accepting!:D Yes I am! I love JJBA & JJBA Merch! Kakyoin is my fav!XD
hace 3 años
Altocoyo (hace 3 años) #3437157Hello there! \(^_^)/
You seem to be a diligent collector!
Your collection seem really interesting! :D

Thank you! I am trying to complete some collections, although it can be a pain. ^^; I am jealous of your Sonico Nendoroids, they are so adorable!
hace 3 años

Hey there and thanks for the FR! Nice to meet you. ^^
hace 3 años
Altocoyo (hace 3 años) #3086509yeah awesome too see a sonico collector and always nice too meet new figure collecting friends thank you! i have been collecting figures seriously for about one year now!

Sonico is awesome :3
Oh, one year - welcome to this addiction ; D
It's been 5 years for me now, hihi^^
hace 3 años
Thank you for your FR : )
Always happy to meet new figure fans!
hace 3 años
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