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card_captor_sakura kinomoto_sakura eyewater pumpkin_king

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Absolutely gorgeous job
hace 1 año
Excellent work!
hace 8 años
Wonderful! I love the creative paint-job and additions! Excellent design you created here.
hace 8 años
*_* Beautiful !!!!
hace 8 años
Sakura chan!!!! ^^
hace 8 años
Wow, that's so gorgeous!
hace 8 años
Wowow, so beautiful. You have talent.
hace 8 años
Congratulation for getting your Sakura kit on the start page. She sure deserves it. I love her dress, it reminds me on some sort of Cherry-milk ice cream *___*
Good work ^^
hace 8 años
Tenma The Idolm@ster
Faraiyahace 8 años#2113071thank you, yes I did build her myself.

You did an awesome job!
I like the colors
hace 8 años
hace 8 años
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