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January Loot Rakuten / NY

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Thank you Pal-chan for helping me getting these.^^

I am really happy whit my loot. ♥

The fact, that the Amnesia Calendar was more than one piece did make me quite happy, so beautiful illustrations. :D

Alot of these things arent in the databank here, so i will add them today. But for now, i have enough xD

Dont look at the Chaos on my Bed please. xD

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OMg that Free pllow cover is awesome and is that UtaPri I see and Karneval, so many good series!
hace 5 años
chipmunkchen (hace 5 años) #1917733where did you get this awesome "free" cushion? <3

amiami^^ www.amiami.com/...

I bought the cover only and the pillow here. :D Its so comfortable. xD
hace 5 años
where did you get this awesome "free" cushion? <3
hace 5 años
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