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figma vocaloid kotobukiya square_enix sega macross_plus strap atlus hatsune_miku kaiyodo max_factory keroro_gunsou final_fantasy_xii trading_arts_mini banpresto artbook final_fantasy_ix bandai album ooparts koiwai_yotsuba elizabeth shin_megami_tensei d-arts square clear_file persona_3_fes asai_(apsy)_masaki digicube crypton_future_media kadokawa hobby_stock matsumoto_eiichiro enoki_tomohide rubber_strap bishoujo_senshi_sailor_moon furyu soft_cover azuma_kiyohiko aniplex yotsuba&! yoshizaki_mine amano_shiro jack_o’lantern shujinkou columbia victor_entertainment penelo zorua kanno_youko radiata_stories iwadare_noriyuki arai_akino uematsu_nobuo meguro_shouji gabriela_robin pic-lil! soejima_shigenori nue sunny_side_up image_album persona_4:_the_ultimate_in_mayonaka_arena happykuji n team_entertainment kawasumi_kaori imaizumi_yuka kaneko_kazuma hamaguchi_shirou pretty_cast takeba_yukari dxf_figure pic-lil!_-project_diva-_trading_strap_track_01 yotsuba_strap_mascot_trading_figure micro_magazine arcade_gamer_fubuki shingeki_no_kyojin colossal_titan pocket_monsters_best_wishes! gouma_reifuden_izuna success mikasa_ackerman levi krista_lenz sasha_blouse jean_kirstein yamane_mai minna_no_kuji_-_shin_megami_tensei iori_junpei hange_zoe shiratori_emiko memb israel_philharmonic_orchestra happykuji_persona_3_the_movie:_#1_spring_of_birth eren_yeager armin_arlert persona_3_the_movie:_#1_spring_of_birth minna_no_kuji hatsune_miku_-project_diva- partners_figure

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So… yeah. This was a big one. Included here are not only preordered items and some presents, but sale goodies I picked up at Right Stuff (like that Ouran manga box set), CDs and other things from CINNAMONCLOUDS' Surugaya-a-too/Auc-terraformer group order, a pile of SMT/Persona figures purchased via Amazon.co.jp and my regular proxy, and a whole mess of hard-to-find music from Otaku.com. Not shown, for obvious reasons: Steam sale pickups. A few of these (the FFIX and Gyakuten Kenji OSTs, and the KH artbook) were grails or near-grails; it was so satisfying to finally get them!

Here's the Secret Santa presents, photographed separately - PICTURE #874970. And the Christmas gifts shown here are The Cat Returns, the Dave Barry and Carl Barks books, The Amazing Screw-On Head, and the Arling & Cameron CD (this isn't all the presents; just the most interesting ones).

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DelicateThunderhace 6 años#1915776Awesome loot! Happy to see the ffix limited soundtrack in this stack! Loved the extras that came with it.
Thanks! And that thing was such a pain in the neck to hunt down, for various reasons @_@ This third time was the charm, though; part of the case is discolored along the spine (not too surprising, given its age), but otherwise it's in excellent shape!
hace 6 años
Awesome loot! Happy to see the ffix limited soundtrack in this stack! Loved the extras that came with it.
hace 6 años
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