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    Jun 05, 2009

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After five years of work and one million dollars spent, here is my self made portable (almost) photo studio built only for the sake of shooting figurines =)

I followed Bakamandy's tutorial and added my own modifications figure.tsuki-bo...

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whooooo.. sooo effin cooool dude! kudos!
hace 9 años
Wow! really awesome, it's like a professional photostudio, only smaller :D
hace 11 años
Thanks Yuna! =)
hace 11 años
Singer_Yuna All along the Watchtower ♪
My future photo studio will be more simple...your's awesome!
hace 11 años
Yeah, you got it right, Yama. Here in Brazil we call it "paspatur", it is a thin sheet of styrofoam glued between two sheets of cardboard, it's a light and strong material. At first I was intending to use balsa wood but the paspatur become a cheaper option.
hace 11 años
takarayama Enjoyer of Life.™
KamuginI used some cardboard meant for framing pictures to make the structure and vegetable paper for the sides =)I think this is what you got: "Passepartout, the French term for a mat, a paper or, more usually, cardboard sheet with a cutout, which is placed under the glass in a frame. A photo (or print, drawing, etc.) is placed beneath it, with the cutout framing it. The passepartout serves two purposes: first, to prevent the image from touching the glass, and second, to frame the image and enhance its visual appeal."

It seems it can also be spelled "passe-partout". I don't know any French so I don't know which is correct.
hace 11 años

I don't know the exact names in English, sorry :P But I used some cardboard meant for framing pictures to make the structure and vegetable paper for the sides =)
hace 11 años
Sweet! :O It looks awesome! What material did you use for box?
hace 11 años
Hi takarayama!

It's easy to built your own studio if you really want to do, only my laziness hindered me to finish it earlier :P

Indeed the camera is a Canon SX10 IS, but I prefer my Sony DSC H50 for shooting my figurines because I think it delivers better results. Thank you for inviting me, I'll join your club =)
hace 11 años
takarayama Enjoyer of Life.™
I intend to some day make something similar to what you have. I haven't got further than the thought of making something, though. ^^:

Is that a Canon PowerShot SX10 IS on the tripod? I love having that same kind of rotatable display on my S5 IS. It's great for taking outdoors pictures at weird angles! ^_^

Thanks for sharing a picture of your studio. ^^

PS. Feel free to join the photography club. ^.~
hace 11 años
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