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is this a museum? lol
hace 2 años
hace 2 años
yuxz Ex~calibur!
hace 2 años
That's awesome! Great collection :D
hace 5 años
if i didnt count wrong theres 262
oh my
i need to ask
are you going for every nendoroid out there?
because thats a mission in itself (。 ◉ ^ ◉。)/
hace 6 años
radianthace 6 años#2048401wow. what kind of shelf is that? Billy from Ikea?

As far as I know, these shelves were designed and build by author himself)
hace 6 años
wow. what kind of shelf is that? Billy from Ikea?
hace 6 años
Perfect collection *O*
hace 6 años
ALL THE MONEY ....................................
hace 6 años
Oh MY!!
hace 7 años
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