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    May 14, 2010

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Yes I did it... I took a photo of one of my cats together with Sebastian... v__v;; I'm aware that this is done 100000 times before, so sue me xD Pinky was in the room, and Sebbie coudn't resist :P

Sebbie: Ah, these paws feel marvelous =‿= what wonderful feeling... ♥

EDIT: For all your Pinkyness img80.imageshac... found another photo ;3

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This is the best !! Heheheh!!
hace 8 años
Nice picture, your kitty is so adorable :)
hace 9 años
Pinky says: "He's mine!" >:DD

And Sebbie doesn't mind at all, naturally<3~~
hace 10 años
@__@;; wow, this got so many favs! Thank you all for liking Pinky ^__^ and also thanks for all the nice comments~!
hace 10 años
soo cute!
hace 10 años
awww great!!
hace 10 años
so cute :D
hace 10 años
drowranger ☆keelerleah☆
Hehee, very cute! :D
hace 10 años
Awww Sebby and cat paws... <3 There couldn't possibly be a better scene for that expression!
hace 10 años
This picture suits your name :) I like your cat!
hace 10 años
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