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I got so many Teppei straps, I felt that the strap Gods were laughing at me. I sort of freaked out and grew fearful that I wouldn't get any Aomine but luck was on my side. The Power Straps are adorable they are the reason I took these pictures! Momoi is adorable! These straps seem to be my downfall...

Oh and if you want to trade one of my: Kise, Momoi, or Teppei straps for a Kuroko or Takao please let me know! I would like to have at least a complete set!

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luvintulips Queen of Aomine Daiki
Aww indeed!
I would have loved that!
Yes, please!! I can either trade them or pay for them I don't mind either! I hate when that happens especially when I know my mom is home all day yet she won't sign for my packages. Let me know whenever you have time!
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kimilion not a lolicon
I split three boxes with my friend since she joked "what if we got a box full of aomine?!" (not because she dislikes him, but she was kidding lol)

I'll let you know of I have any extras if you still need them?! Mine is at the post office since no one was home to sign for it today :c I'll pick it up tomorrow 8)
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