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... I feel so embarrased XD!!!
I hope my costume looks good, my sister Juno did it for me :3

Actually I wasnt very sure to do it at first, but it look nice on the pic`s we took.

well enough chat XD...

!!!Congratulations on your 2nd aniversary tsuki board!!!

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Pues el traje está super bién hecho, felicidades a tu sister juno por el trabajo y tambien a la linda modelo! =)
hace 10 años
we got the same shoes!X3
Congratulesion with second place!
hace 10 años
Looks great :)
hace 10 años
good good!
hace 10 años
nice job! Competition for this contest is getting harder and harder with fresh, well executed and unique such as yours!
hace 10 años
Nice! good luck (>w<)b
hace 10 años
Shiddo 一匹狼
Nice cosplay ! ^^
hace 10 años
Good luck sis !!!
hace 10 años
Jenthehen Otaku at Law
hace 10 años
De-JaY Teitoku
Wow, that's pretty well done.
Thumbs up! :)
hace 10 años
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