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Had a rainbow coming through my window so I took a shot with my Flandre Necklace.
Note: I made a special order and asked for all gemstone ver. so colors may differ from original product.

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Thanks for your reply! Sounds like it'd be too complicated for a non-Japanese speaker like me to ask about a special order. The necklace I want the most, the Patchouli crescent moon, has super small gems anyway so I think synthetic gems will look just fine. :)
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@ dranxis
Yea you would need to know Japanese to communicate with the seller.
As for pricing, it'll depend largely on what gemstones you choose, because some could be high quality but very common that would cost only 200 yen per piece while some could be rare and could range from 1500~6000 yen per piece (and they're only 2.5mm x 5mm!*marquise cut*). So it could range from roughly 2~5 times the original price ^^;
I remember we had to communicate back and forth to find the right color coordination that was to my liking (that was within my budget) lol.
Good luck!
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Really lovely. I'm thinking of ordering at least two necklaces from this artist, and I was wondering: how do you make a special order? I don't know Japanese, but I want to ask the store how much an all gemstone order might cost. Should I have my proxy service ask for me?
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Risayla ◔‸◔
Looks so pretty.
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