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    Nov 26, 2012
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    Nov 2012

Acerca de esta imagen

My Saber can't be afraid of this little ... O_o
please take care of it Saber~chan~

{me.. run away~~~~),,,,(~>_<)~

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and here is Azu~nyan nyan~ PICTURE #594543

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Retro8bit Old School Gamer
Wow very nice! This must have been pretty time consuming to get. Faved! :D
hace 5 años
despicable !!!!
hace 6 años
hace 7 años
jajaja xD
hace 7 años
Now this is my favorite animation ever!
hace 7 años
How did you do the face gestures?

Its great! and cute! :D
hace 7 años
Wow I thought you had a live bug there!! Eeeeep O_o;;;;
hace 7 años
For a moment, I thought it was alive '__'
hace 7 años
Cute Saber !!! *__*
hace 7 años
As Koyomi would say after hearing Black Hanekawa's tongue twister...

hace 7 años