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    Sep 20, 2012

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My summer goal was to clean up my walls, so many ancient posters were taken down and got frames from Ikea to place these three prints in.
I forgot again to steal my sister's Alter Mercedes for the shot D:
I waited for my BJD to arrive before taking this shot. Thanks for viewing! :3

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It's so colorful, I love it *_*
hace 7 años
So beautiful~
hace 7 años
You, darling, have excellent taste. Good organizational skills to boot. *tips hat*
hace 7 años
Thank you everyone who favorite, rated and commented! Glad you like my room! Sorry for such a long delay on commenting back!

@Gothlequin, DeathRabbit - I wish they would invent an anti-dust spray, one spray and everything is dust proof! Oh it would be wonderful!

@IdolsGeneration - Thanks, I was disappointed that GoldenSun DD didn't include a map!

@AnnieAzura - I like a lot of dark characters too, but I canceled a lot of them since it would darken up my room too much. It's really heartbreaking >.>

@Imanov - the shelves are just wooden extras from an Ikea bookshelf I've used to allow the books to be placed on top of each other. The manga are actually supporting each other :D

@ibaraki - She cost me a lot, but I've wanted a bjd for a long time so the price didn't bug me so much, though I do find myself spending more on her clothing than figure D:

@Elixir - If there were official posters I would buy them. On image boards the actually full size images that George Kamitani worked on, can be found, and I went to a local print shop to get them the right size to frame.

@angelbott - It's just the design of my room, the foundation of the house is behind the walls so the insulation needed to "come out" of the wall and hence the addition shelving around my room!

@suwa194 - On my flickr account I constantly post pics of my bjd, feel free to visit :D

@ZeroParadigm - I just post-process the shot a bit, increased lighting and saturation.

@Ishy - And Luka caught herself a Mew xD
hace 7 años
beautiful collection !
hace 7 años
woah. a nice collection you have there *0*
love the Odin Sphere gals. And Dizzy! *__*
hace 7 años
Ishy Part time Puella Magi
I love the manga wall and retro Mikey on top of it. <3 Also dat little Celebi in Miku's arms made me smile.
hace 7 años
oh my its so beautiful
hace 7 años
Oh my...
it's amazing!
hace 7 años
OH my, those Vanillaware statues.
All of my jelly.
hace 7 años
Live better. Play more!

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