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    Jul 19, 2012

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*throw credit card to the screen*
hace 6 años
I don't have money
hace 8 años
View spoilerHide spoilerShe is the "final boss" for a reason.
hace 8 años
Every time I see that sad face I go to AmiAmi n check if its still available. Then I add her in my cart....and I remove again moments later :0
hace 8 años
Lol XD
hace 8 años
I'm safe.
It's not working for me :3
hace 8 años
It seems everyone has the same sentiment. It seems our Christmas bonuses are going down the drain.
hace 8 años
hahahahahahahahahaha agreed~
hace 8 años
hehe, that's awesome
hace 8 años
im still thinking about a preorder HRR
hace 8 años
Import from Japan

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