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After my dad and brother moved out of my two-bedroom apartment and my fiancee moved in, we moved in 2 of 4 display cases that were purchased 3-4 months ago (see: profile/Seventh...) and sitting in a storage locker. We do not have room for all 4 of these massive displays.

I was also finally able to unpack my lovely babies from their temporary storage homes which ended up being inside the drawers of my storage containers (see here: profile/Seventh...) that I have been using to keep their parts in.

I apologize for the poor picture quality of these photos, but I was far too excited to get them posted and all I have for a camera that works is on my iPhone.

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Shelia ♠ in sword boy hell
What a bargain these displays are! They look so lovely with those cute nendos all lined up inside. Mad jealous <3
hace 8 años
Thanks everyone! It's so awesome to come home to this. <3

asayochace 8 años#982266I want that display case...how much was it?

I don't think these are available in stores. I purchased 4 of these cabinets from a religious store that was going out of business for $300 in total. Each cabinet is about 4 feet long, 7 feet tall and weigh about 200 lbs each.

They were used for a Precious Moments store display previously. I'm not sure if they were custom built. There are lights and wiring but the bulbs appear to be burned out. :/
hace 8 años
Risayla ◔‸◔
They look lovely!
hace 8 años
drowranger ☆keelerleah☆
Wow, that is such an amazing cabinet (and collection)!! <3
hace 8 años
I want that display case...how much was it?
hace 8 años
The display cases look amazing, they truly are perfect for figures!
hace 8 años
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