Harima-KenjiHarima-Kenjihace 10 años
ponytail green_hair blond_hair skirt orange_hair okama gun cape necklace bracelet goggles hat pirate mask staff high_heels coat chains princess animal jeans katana belt vest long_skirt leather_jacket sandals tattoo one_arm cleavage cloak swan fire cigarette kawai rifle megahouse midriff pop weapon flame blue_shirt reindeer ballet_shoes mikan orange tangerine armband bikini_top belly_button long_hair black_hair female red_hair blue_hair short_hair blue_eyes male boots long_coat one_piece nico_robin nami usopp sanji monkey_d._luffy portgas_d._ace franky camouflage scar
sword santoryu sogeking portrait_of_pirates roronoa_zoro rob_lucci brook hattori carue smoker tashigi bellemere nojiko tony_tony_chopper arabasta arabian shirtess straight_bangs aokiji shirohige_pirates portrait_of_pirates_dx portrait_of_pirates_neo red-haired_shanks mr.2_bon_kure juracule_mihawk bartholomew_kuma nefertari_vivi


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    Feb 02, 2010

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I'm super jealous of your set. Great collection :) It's my goal to have a set like that someday.
hace 8 años
seems like a lot of ppl have bellemere..
hace 8 años
Wow! It's very-very big and awesome collection*_*..wish i have such a big someday =.=" *sigh*
hace 10 años
Wow man that's a really cool P.O.P figure collection you got there 2 Kuma's one like he's a Pacifista and the other like normal Kuma and then you have 2 Sogeking's :O This is definitely the coolest P.O.P collection I have seen. :D
hace 10 años
Zetsubo-san I LOVE HUMANS!!! (or do I? XD)
I want to have the same complete collection and awesome display...except that I'm aiming for Play Arts and Play Arts Kai. :)

Pics like this is always an inspiration.
hace 10 años
hace 10 años
I so want the Nico Robin figure! Awesome Collection :D
hace 10 años
Great POP collection.

If I had the same :D
hace 10 años
KanouteSuperbe collection...Miss Tashigi et Usopp/Chopper 1ere édition...avec en bonus un Kuma et un PX !!

Merci de ton commentaire, visiblement tu est la première a voir qu'il s'agit en tout cas dans l'idée d'un Kuma et d'un PX!
Nice Job ! ;)

KanouteFan jusqu'au bout :D

OUI mais pas non plus aux points de porter des sous vêtements a l'effigie de One Piece ^^
hace 10 años
Superbe collection...Miss Tashigi et Usopp/Chopper 1ere édition...avec en bonus un Kuma et un PX !! Fan jusqu'au bout :D
hace 10 años
Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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