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Can't stop until you get what you want.
The unique satisfaction you get from feeling both excited and nervous about the ultimate outcome...
Gashapons are fun, so give it a try =D.

*Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX07

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Give me this machine! xD
hace 9 años
awwwww Kaito is adorable as always!
hace 9 años
this is adorable
hace 9 años
Haha, cute concept!
hace 10 años
I think everyone yearns for Kaito :DD
hace 10 años
*spots Kaito*
*pulls out 100 yen coin and starts to put in as much as possible until she gets the ice cream loving guy*
hace 10 años
Gashapons are evil... but if it's only 100 yen per turn, then I'm gonna EMPTY IT MYSELF!!
hace 10 años
This is my favorite picture of yours. <3
hace 10 años
if only they were 100 yen.
hace 10 años
want the same XD
hace 10 años