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    Mar 23, 2012

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Awesome setup!
hace 5 años
Wow. Very nice display o.o
hace 7 años
justineskihace 7 años#1349557Do those expodits exist anymore?

The base I used was from the EffekIV line. Ikea discontinued them about 6-7 months ago.
hace 7 años
Do those expodits exist anymore?
hace 7 años
tiramisshace 8 años#871983This is what I used for the base www.ikea.com/us... and www.ikea.com/us... with the Ikea detolf.

Hi! I'm coming late, but the links are expired. Could you send new links or maybe write the name of the shelves? =)
Looks awesome btw!
hace 7 años
I'd love to get a setup like this :D
hace 8 años
hace 8 años
Now THOSE are the kind of display cases I want to have! Superior lighting compared to a normal glass cabinet with a woof frame and you can see it from so many angles! Did you have it custom built or did you buy it?
hace 8 años
this is a good picture!! where r u from??
hace 8 años
As always, you have a very beautiful setup.
hace 8 años
Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.

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