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    Feb 04, 2012

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brucesolmiano No Caffeine No Life.
This is really awesome!
hace 6 años
Awesome, same voice actresses XD

Btw, how do you make them stand without a base :( ? or are they just leaning against the wall?
hace 8 años
I never knew what this image ment I thougt it was Charlie's Angels references then a mate of mine showed me Zero no Tsukaima and told me some info on it and now this makes sence
It is still cool photo
hace 8 años
- Rie Kugimiya, the Queen of Tsundere -

Thank you all xD
hace 8 años
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
the 4 tsundere wonders <3 awesome :D
hace 8 años
hace 8 años
Ultimate tsundere collection. I wish I had one TAT
hace 8 años
hace 8 años
GSC need to release a Toko from Maria-Sama Nendoroid
hace 8 años
So colourful! So good!
and thanks for the banner ver. ^_^
hace 8 años