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My bed is a little messy and yes I use my teddy bears as pillows. XD
Walls are still work in progress.

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So much pink o_ö
But it seems comfortable ^^
And you have so many cute plushes and nice figures <3
hace 8 años
WatchJessieGo Magical Girl
Misuzu posterrrrrr. /do want ;___;
hace 8 años
This is my goal.
Must go cut up anime magazines this instant, every inch of wall must be covered!
hace 8 años
View spoilerHide spoilerMessy places kill me inside. ;_;
So much pink.
hace 8 años
Hmmm, I think you really like....PINK, Hello Kitty and bears! XDDD
So sweet. A room to relax, read a good manga or watch anime & more!
hace 8 años
Kaichi ☆☆☆
love the bed sheet and the bears <3 so cute!
hace 8 años
drowranger ☆keelerleah☆
Wow, so many pictures and plushies! <3 Very nice!
hace 8 años