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    Dec 17, 2009

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To celebrate Christmas the figures have decided to create a sing along for all of you, for the following days the figures will treat you to their own version of The Twelve Days of Christmas. Now as you may know traditionally the Twelve Days of Christmas mark the twelve days after Christmas day in which the three magi or 'wise men' made their journey to the place of Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem, but as the days after Christmas will be busy we decided instead to bring them to you as the twelve days leading up to Christmas.

So here's the seventh day, please enjoy ^.^

1st Day: PICTURE #34357
2nd Day: PICTURE #34501
3rd Day: PICTURE #34633
4th Day: PICTURE #34958
5th Day: PICTURE #35025
6th Day: PICTURE #35195
7th Day: PICTURE #35327
8th Day: pict

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