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    Jan 13, 2012
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    Jan 08, 2012 - Jan 14, 2012

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STOP!! I need those tissues.. T.T
they're wasting it.. Noooo!!!

Woah thx for the comment rate view and favs! :D
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I could just imagine having two Hachune Miku's tearing apart my house lol
hace 5 años
hace 8 años
this is soo cute! keep up the good work ura-chan!
hace 8 años
So cute!
hace 8 años
Man, if I had two like these I could use both hands instead of just one.
I'll get my coat.
hace 8 años
Might need to keep an eye on your toilet paper next.
hace 8 años
stubborn girls:)
hace 8 años
oh well quite awesome
hace 8 años
that is so cute!
hace 8 años
very cute, must have been a bit of work!
hace 8 años