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    Oct 18, 2011

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Oh DM you're so damn cute with that hat <3<3<3

I didn't take a Halloween pic last year eventhough I wanted to so.. this year, today, I picked some nice stuff from my old toy boxes and took a pic!

edit:// Ohwow, POTD o___o Thank you so much!<3
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DM: "YER PEOPLE KNOW WHAT!? Cleaning is always a pain in the butt!"
hace 8 años
Thank you again everyone!
hace 9 años
hace 9 años
NICE~! >.<
hace 9 años
Thank you for such a nice Halloween pic <3
hace 9 años
♥ !! I love this, so cute.
hace 9 años
Thank you so much for the comments and favs everyone! I'm so happy you like the pic :DD

MKMoeMixing Lego Belville with nendos? Nice creativity!
Yup! Thank you.
The stuff is from some Belville sets mostly but that pumpkin is from a Playmobil set.

Shuurusuch a nice expression! xD
Isn't she cute? x3
I don't mix nendo faces too often so this was a nice surprise!

IliceLoL XD very cute! i love the hat
The hat was so daaaaaawn :3 and it fits perfectly for nendos!

Jofuuhaha awww too cute! I love that big pumpkin!
The pumpkin made me take the pic xD I remembered I had one and when I was searching it I found the hat, broom.. etc.
hace 9 años
nice Halloween pic :)
hace 9 años
Mixing Lego Belville with nendos? Nice creativity! I'm going to have to find my old sets now...
hace 9 años
drowranger ☆keelerleah☆
Hehee, very cute! <3
hace 9 años