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    Sep 11, 2011

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Miku: Hey guys, did one of you drink my lov... oh///.
Rin: Len~<3
Len: Gah! My sweet dumplings! What's the matter with you sis?!

C&C welcomed ^^

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softpetal78hace 9 años#641722Teehee, major glomping in progress =D

man, that term is a blast to the past
Hace 8 meses
Omg, I love your pictures!!
So perfect~!
hace 5 años
I had the same reaction as Miku. Very cute. ^^
hace 8 años
Oh, wow! How funny!
hace 8 años
I LOL'ed with teh dumplings =))
hace 8 años
Haha<3 So cute >w<
hace 9 años
変態・・・だと? (;゜д゜)
hace 9 años
Is rin n len being naughty? Hentai desu ne...
hace 9 años
Eagleam I do what I can!
Well done, that is all. :D
hace 9 años
Thank you again for all the warm and funny comments =D.
My heart is filled for knowing so many people liking my pic.
Hope to share more photos soon and I hope you'll like them too ^^.
hace 9 años