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    Jan 12, 2021

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My Collection with Govee RGBiC 2M TV Ledstrips, you can find it on Amazon.

I control them with Outlet compatible Alexa to turn on/off

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The lights are awesome! great collection :D
hace 13 días
you have such a beautiful room and setup <3
hace 13 días
LadyLavellan JennaroniPepperoni
I love, love, loooooove your set up but I ESPECIALLY love your risers and the hierarchy you built in each Nendo shelf! This is great inspiration. ❤
hace 13 días
Yatta_ Migeru
Aeyvahhace 13 días#89992684Where did u got ur vitrines I really like them

Detolf IKEA
hace 13 días
Where did u got ur vitrines I really like them
hace 13 días
Yatta_ Migeru
Wow thx everyone !

So for the questions :

- Detolfs : Ledstrips Govee 2M lenght tv version ( Amazon )

⚠️ Do not cut the leds it’s not recommanded you will domage their fonction. Thats why the top of my Detolfs are in form « L » ⚠️

- Lights TV : Philips Hue, and ledstrip. I choose them because my TV have Ambilight fonction.

- TikTok Link :


It’s in French but you can see a few steps quickly.

- to connect ledstrips in USB use Ravpower you can find on Amazon too, 4 slots usb or 6.

- I will show you soon the Risers for Nendoroid i have done with tutorial here.
hace 13 días
Yatta_hace 14 días#89991597
I few months ago i have show some steps from my TikTok i can drop you on PM.

Could You, please, also send me these pics/movies? Would really appreciate it! Awesome setup! :)
hace 13 días
Wow! Great job! The setup looks fantastic!
hace 13 días
MelKeigo Honey Fairy
this looks amazing!
hace 13 días
Where did you get the lights? So cool
Edit:never mind
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