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    Jun 24, 2020

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...and in the exact same spot as PICTURE #2459491 but some hours later, when the fog cleared.

A class-2 Bortle sky is magical.

(Tenshi's leg spikes: PICTURE #1485230)

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LadyLavellan JennaroniPepperoni
Soooooo amazing! She looks incredible with that starry sky! Awesome job!
Hace 1 mes
andresm645Hace 1 mes#79539070This looks incredible. Where is this and which mountain is it?
Thanks! It's Takhlakh lake near Mount Adams.
Hace 1 mes
This looks incredible. Where is this and which mountain is it?
Hace 1 mes
excelente Toma, caray por que no inicie mi colección años antes bueno al menos usare la foto para mi PC jejeje
Hace 1 mes
I'm glad to see the final version ended up as potd! It was a shame to see the other one up while this version didn't.

Both are beautiful but this version with the stars is just so much better imo!
Hace 1 mes
Both are amazing great shots
Hace 1 mes
That's amazing!!!
Hace 1 mes
jimreynold2ndHace 1 mes#79493492How does PICTURE #2460336 look?
That seems better, by the way, check your message box.
Hace 1 mes
Wow, this is magical
Hace 1 mes
EyelandHace 1 mes#79493459The lighting on the figure looks a bit strange... everything else is silhouette, but the figure herself only has some light...
How does PICTURE #2460336 look?
Hace 1 mes
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