My collection at night with lightingCollections/

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This is amazing.O_O How do you dust/how often?!
hace 12 días
I like your display! And I always like white shelves for display or well, in general, I like white furniture haha

Aaaand! It's also color coded and keeps an equilibrium, love it!! ❤ very nice!
Hace 1 mes
You have to be be carful when you post a picture of something like this . People could get a heart attack .
Hace 1 mes
So wow room! xD
Hace 1 mes
Honestly the best display room Ive ever seen. Beautiful
Hace 1 mes
Your display is simply inspiring. I have always wanted to have my collection displayed on shelves just like this. Thanks for sharing.
Hace 1 mes
I am SO jelly of your collection and shelves! So many classics! All that Black Rock Shooter and Vocaloid plush!
Hace 1 mes
very clean and clear
like it <3
Hace 1 mes

Hace 1 mes
Hace 1 mes
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