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Rin Tohsaka 遠坂 凛 V2 (2016)
Fate / Stay Night / Unlimited Blade Works / Heaven's Feel "The world is just another word for the things you value around you right?" Made with Dollfie Dream & Nendoroid fans in mind!

Note: 2nd of my DD / Nendoroid photo set. I...wish I didnt use such a rough plush blanket for Rin to sit on lol.

Dollfie Dream x Nendoroid Series:
No. 1: Jeanne d'Arc
No. 2: Rin Tohsaka (You are HERE)
No. 3: Saber Lily

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dymitrHace 2 meses#77675531Picture Perfect.
Thank you!
Hace 2 meses
Picture Perfect.
Hace 2 meses
ChocolateSpiderHace 2 meses#77674884So adorable! <3

They are indeed! Thank you!
Hace 2 meses
So adorable! <3
Hace 2 meses