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    Jul 20, 2011
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Me at pictured desk: PICTURE #241075

Whole area: PICTURE #240642

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awesume! :3
hace 8 años
Pretty desk~

I have that "All my friends are dead" book. It's p. damn good, right? :3
hace 9 años
Oh goodness...is that a Garterbelt pillow?! :0 I love this
hace 9 años
hace 9 años
its very girly and :D
hace 9 años
OhnoRaptors [Cinderella Girl]
@Desudes Thanks. :3

@Scissors Thank you again! Yeah, I get the feeling my desk is a bit unique.
The giant giraffe definitely brings it all together.

@Yourtime Thank you~!

@AnnieAzura I think there is only one piece of furniture that isn't from Ikea in my room. orz

@Animelover25 No way, he totally fits in. Super kawaii desu~

@yuyu Go for it! ^^ They cheer me up all the time.

@Tarkana2 Thank you!
hace 9 años
hace 9 años
When I saw the thumbnail to this as picture of the day I knew it was you, I've always really liked your collection of pastel and girly figures.
hace 9 años
quite lovely desk
hace 9 años
i have the same desk as you @.@ except i removed the top shelf cuz it was blocking my light. i keep my nicknacks on my bookshelf tho.
hace 9 años