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Shelfie time - featuring a Braxton photobomb! He really seems to enjoy sitting in front of my figures, but I'm just thankful he doesn't try to chew them up...^^'

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Awwwwwww your dog is so cute(sorry i am a BIG dog lover) i wish i could pet him across the screen can you do it for me?
Hace 6 meses
A very cool 1/1 scale doggo!
Hace 11 meses
Great figure collection<3 I love the one in the front most^^
Hace 11 meses
Love that miku shelf
Hace 11 meses
I know a very good boi when I see one. <333333
Hace 11 meses
Awwww happy doggo.

I bet your dog was like "Hi owner, I very excite"
Hace 11 meses
he’s baby
Hace 11 meses
Any dog picture gets instantly 5 stars! He’s a cutie!
Hace 11 meses
Hace 11 meses
Aimathyst TOM Affiliate
692718Hace 11 meses#69652186what a good boi
He always does his best! ^_^
Hace 11 meses
Your source for old and rare figurines!

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