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First photo of my nendoroid Avengers after watching Endgame.

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ptitange23hace 1 año#58620112Very great collection !! Congrats !! :D
Thank you :)
hace 1 año
Very great collection !! Congrats !! :D
hace 1 año
NendoRinhace 1 año#58580198They look great :) I need the Thor/Loki pair
Thank you. Have you pre-order them? They're so cool.
hace 1 año
MelKeigohace 1 año#58536709I love this!! Wish I had bought Cap ;w;
Thank you. He's a great character and the nendo is so cute <3
hace 1 año
MelKeigo Honey Fairy
I love this!! Wish I had bought Cap ;w;
hace 1 año