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This is a section of my updated collection (a little more than half of my collection). I am still not completely satisfied with the No Game No Life and Nendoroid shelf. I am planning on replacing Jibril with GSC Shuvi ITEM #604435, and add/play around with the position of the Nendoroids.

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I got it from this website.
It is a 3 inch step and 12 inch wide one. I did quite a bit of research to find the one that I can display the Nendoroids without the average Nendoroid bases protruding out the steps. This is the only one I find that fits most Nendoroids perfectly with a little bit of room for the back stand, fits in a detolf shelf, and allows me to put most Nendoroids in 4 steps (rows). Note this one does not fit the larger Nendoroid bases (most Snow Mikus) comfortably, the 4 inch step will do the job, but the 4 inch step one can only fit two rows of Nendoroids in a detolf because the dimensions are slightly different.

I will post a closer image of the 3 inch step and 12 inch wide one in twos days when I get back home (traveling at the moment).
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Could you link me to the nendoroid shelf riser? I can't seem to find one that works ;д;//
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