Rin_AsanoRin_Asanohace 9 años
alter revy black_lagoon takahashi_tsuyoshi

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my first 1day1pic XD

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Dangerous but sexy :)
hace 5 años
Very nice !
Especially nice view on that Beretta ;)
hace 6 años
thank you guys ^_^ I love girls with weapons XD
hace 7 años
iTheShirt Seasonally Otaku'd
WindsorSevenhace 7 años#1515671ITEM #272Wow great angle then.
hace 7 años
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
I3anchouhace 7 años#1515655I know this is revy, but which one?
ITEM #272
hace 7 años
I know this is revy, but which one?
hace 7 años
COOL! :)
hace 7 años
Very sexy.
hace 7 años
This is very hot. Wish I could just pick a few as my shuffled banners and this would be one of them.
hace 8 años
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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