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A good dog ft. My collection

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Oh damn. This is what I want to achieve. All my boys displayed! This is just beautiful!
hace 2 días
Wow, your collection is amazing! I'm in awe.
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hace 2 años
Thank you all for the nice comments (;ω;) and thank you for liking my room! It took me a while to dust in order to get a nice picture haha!!!
hace 2 años
Really love your collection!
hace 2 años
MelKeigo Honey Fairy
Amazing collection! you have GREAT taste :D
hace 2 años
Amazing collection! Where did you get that life size doggie ? :D
Hes soo detailed!

Amazing kuroke no basket collection!
My hubby is mutsakibarar
hace 2 años
Where did you get that bottom shelf thing :o It looks great with the detolfs on top of it! And what a good pupper <3
hace 2 años
Awesome collection, Is that a Shu and Kanato figure I see?
Your dog is so cute,Is it a beagle?

hace 2 años
beautiful collection! I see you're an Aomine fan also..
hace 2 años