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And then again, this is my entry for a contest on the spanish forum "figuradictos.com"
The theme was videogames and NkPlayers is the name of the shop who sponsors the contest ^^ The winner was Copernico wih his handsome Link ^^

Well, my entry title is Super Poison vs Sugar Extreme, a mix of three videogames. You can check all the entries here but be aware is tons of nendo related! figuradictos.fo...

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Singer_Yuna All along the Watchtower ♪
puppypowerWhen u releasing this awesome game Yuna?Lol I wish I could xD

We must wait to the nendoroid generation PSP game tough ^^
hace 9 años
When u releasing this awesome game Yuna?
hace 9 años
Ya habia comentado que me encataba la tematica de esta foto ^^,lo unico que hecho en falta es que esten haciendo algun hyper XD.
hace 9 años
Ya lo dije en cuanto la vi, ¡tu foto me encantó! <33333333333333333333

Es súper bonita y está muy bien hecha *^*
hace 9 años