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To celebrate the birthday of my best idol, here's my Maki shrine as of 4/19/2018. <3

μ's forever! Happy Birthday, Maki-chan! (*´ω`*)

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almost as good as my collection Kappa
hace 1 año
freque93hace 1 año#39503920I have to ask, where did you find this wig for the 1/3 doll? <3

Hi there, comrade! :D
I bought it from an online shop called "from-sen": www.from-sen.co...

I also got the outfit from the same site. :3
It is a local Japanese online shop though, so I guess the only way to get them is through a proxy. :)
hace 1 año
freque93 Liver ! (μ's & PDP only)
I have to ask, where did you find this wig for the 1/3 doll? <3
hace 1 año
ChocolateSpiderhace 2 años#32804929So much tomato head cuteness! <3WanderingWastrelhace 2 años#32874378Now that's a shrine!weebhace 2 años#32876123this is soo cuteee <3Dribzhace 2 años#32878488So much Maki! That's some dedication!NightmareOctopushace 2 años#32883681Gorgeous <3 I love the dolls

Thanks for the love, comrades~ \(^_^)/

hace 2 años
Gorgeous <3 I love the dolls
hace 2 años
So much Maki! That's some dedication!
hace 2 años
this is soo cuteee <3
hace 2 años
Now that's a shrine!
hace 2 años
So much tomato head cuteness! <3
hace 2 años
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