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    Mar 04, 2018
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Shot on my balcony under a shade/roof, technically it's outdoors. Waited for the late evening sun to come in at a diagonal angle directly on the setup i made, and then shape it accordingly to light up the set at create a warm atmosphere. A CPL filter was attached to my camera lens to erase excessive highlights due to the intense nature of the sunlight.

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Comentarios22 comentarios

This reminds me of 90s Madonna so much <3
hace 2 años
Excellent shot, it's so convincing!
hace 2 años
your set ups are always beautiful! Stunning photo as well!
hace 2 años
Beautiful picture <3
hace 2 años
this is so nice <3
hace 2 años
Amazing work as always!
hace 2 años
Free_Phi Meta-Sentient Cyber-Imp
I was certain it was a composite with a picture of a real horse.
Convincing to the point of uncanny. !^^
hace 2 años
Beautiful pic !! Great job !!! :D
hace 2 años
Thank you everyone =)
Regarding the horses they were dirt cheap plasticky and glossy toys for kids, which happened to be the right size for this figure (I did spend weeks searching for something suitable online, paying attention to the stated dimensions especially the height). It wasn't easy to find the right size - quite often toy animals are either too big or too small.

They were repainted (I did a pretty mediocre job actually) but the crucial part was coating them with matte clear spray so that it's not shiny and reflective - avoiding that shiny glossy look which will make them look like plastic statues.

RubyRedhace 2 años#31352198The set up is so wow!SilverJinxhace 2 años#31352756The photos of the day are all achieving new standards of creativeness and quality.
Nice work!

Miaekahace 2 años#31352787You got me, I totally thought that was a real horse at first xD
Butcherhace 2 años#31352791This is so awesome! I thought it was real too :3
akarinhace 2 años#31352804I was about to ask how is life having a donkey but saw your setup :( Amazing work nonetheless! So realistic and lovely.
hace 2 años
Awesome! Great job!
hace 2 años
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