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kuma-torikuma-torihace 3 años
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I'm trying to keep things tidy. The rest of my room is a mess, though. :P

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Real nice and tidy! Gotta love it! ^_^
hace 1 año
Nicely done, looks great.
hace 2 años
Theres no such thing as persona 5, you should see my bedroom xD
But omfg this is amazing, its a modern looking persona 5 lounge n i am legit so jealous.. the pictures look amazing on the wallllll dayum!
hace 2 años
love the posters
hace 2 años
I freaking love how simple and beautiful it is! Everytime I look at other collectors' simple yet matching & elegant spaces I get so depressed :'( I wouldn't say my collection out of control & hopeless, but for my taste, I really want to bring my total number of figures to maximum 50-60. Even that number seems too much though lol
hace 3 años
I love your Persona 5 pictures! So jealous... the whole set up is really nice!
hace 3 años