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    Jul 21, 2017

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Good idea !!! So fun !!!!! x) I love !!! *_*
Edit : lol Double post ! Sorry !!! X)
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this is wonderful.
hace 3 años
Ah ah so fun !!!! :)
hace 3 años
marukawa I DO WHAT I WANT!!
big fluffy orange kitties are the best. QAQ so much FLOOF
hace 3 años
Cat "I clawed the furniture and shed on the carpet. What did you do today?"

Kyuubey "I ripped my master's soul out of her body and doomed her to an eternity as a magical monster. Can you top that, Cat?"

Cat "Damn dude. Now whose going to feed us now?"

Kyuubey "I didn't think that far ahead. LOL"
hace 3 años
I can imagine Kyubey being all like: "Don't worry, I am a cat just like you, and I can prove it: Meow! See? Now why don't you make a contract with me?"
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