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    Jul 02, 2017
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    Jul 02, 2017 - Jul 08, 2017

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Welcome to another world~
Composite photo. Shot a diorama, and then went outdoors. Both shots are merged.

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This is really nice!
hace 3 años
is this a Dark Tower reference
hace 3 años
Really love the room where they are. So much love into the details. Amazing work!!!
hace 3 años
I really love your pictures! They always got such liveliness to them and it seems you can make any figure look it's absolute best :3 Keep up the awesome work
hace 3 años
Aurora08hace 3 años#22974089How much are they and where did you buy them?

I got this pair of Ram & Rem for an equivalent of 5000yen, and that's including courier shipping. I imported it directly from the country of manufacture itself - China - via a genuine figure distributor/dealer there. That's because i could get a better deal; places like mandarake liked to raise the prices of popular items after their release. I did not preorder early from Japanese sites (usually i don't preorder prize figures). It's only expensive stuff by Alter, Good Smile and so on that I'd order them from amiami, nipponyasan etc.
hace 3 años
Outstanding work as always!
hace 3 años
How much are they and where did you buy them?
hace 3 años
Well done sir!!
hace 3 años
Beautiful !!!
hace 3 años
I love the room! This photo is amazing.
hace 3 años