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    Mar 20, 2011

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Lovely Haruhi Suzumiya's petit set sold at Wonder Fest :-)
They're so cute ^^

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stargazer713 the 0th Mirage Knight
wow thats great!
hace 9 años
ageingotakuMy money is on Miss Asahina! Great ide.. and pic.

Thank you so much!! ^^

Ahaha... I think Nagato could swim faster... ahahahah :-D
But Mikuru is my favorite too in this set ^^
hace 9 años
My money is on Miss Asahina! Great ide.. and pic.
hace 9 años
Oh my!!
What a wonderful surprise... ^__________^
Thank you to all of you, my dear friends!!!
I'm so happy to know you like my pics so much, AGAIN!!!
hace 9 años
Muntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・
Super cute shot!
hace 9 años
PERFECT!!!! That water looks so realistic
hace 9 años
seems so realistic :)
hace 9 años
KlonGreat shot and fantastic background!
Thank you my friend ^________^
I like the "fake-water", I used the bottom of their big box :-D
hace 9 años
Klon Solo Rei basta!
Great shot and fantastic background!
hace 9 años
Strife212Nice, I love these :P
A true Haruhi-lover like you couldn't not appreciate them ^_______^

THANK YOU!!! ^_^
hace 9 años