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    Aug 09, 2009

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My New[ish] Rule: I won't let myself open a figure to put on the shelf until I'm ready to do a photo shoot. This could get interesting...

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Thanks for your detailed answer. I will try get one there.
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No problem at all. I found her on Amazon. I got her for @$130$US a bit over a month ago. Just by chance someone asked me the same thing a few days ago and I checked Amazon again for them and they're still available for $130.

It's a bit more than they went for originally but for a two year old figure this nice it's great that it can still be bought for under 2x the original price when lots of times figure go for much, much higher.

If you do get one, I really think you'll enjoy it. It is amazingly detailed and beautiful.
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i'm sorry about this question, but where have you bought kos-mos v4?
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takarayama Enjoyer of Life.™
Nice collection of unopened figurines! I think I will help myself to your Char. *yoink* ^.~

Really, though, I'm about to break down and just order her off of eBay because I want her so much and she will be increasingly harder to find as time goes by.

That rule is something I could adhere to. Although, I wouldn't have anywhere to place the unboxed figurines even if I took pictures of them. >.<;;;
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