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  • So beautiful <3
    Hace 11 meses
    BADASS !!
    hace 1 año
    nice pet lol
    hace 1 año
    May I ask what is supporting the detolfs?
    hace 2 años
    i thinks it´s nice room :3
    .. so much bigger then mine
    hace 3 años
    Very nice and clean look. I wish my detolf display is as cluttered free as yours. But I need to squeeze like 5 figures in a section.
    Your old space is awesome as well!
    hace 3 años
    dream come true lol
    hace 3 años
    This set up looks great! You've given me a few ideas of how to set up my space, as I'm currently renovating it. :D
    hace 3 años
    Spirit_Bombhace 3 años#15441141P.O.P ?

    Portrait of Pirates called the One Piece figures from megahouse.
    hace 3 años
    diggadanghace 3 años#15418701Awesome set up!! ^^ May I ask where you buy your lights inside that display shelf or was it included?

    The lights was not included and we buy it also at Ikea ;)
    hace 3 años
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