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OkenoOkenohace 4 años
figma alter max_factory type_moon tohsaka_rin fate/stay_night koshinuma_shinji asai_(apsy)_masaki kawahara_takayuki fa4 ufotable fate/stay_night_unlimited_blade_works type-moon_collection

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Very quick start of a custom figma Rin Tohsaka school uniform with her red coat. Like others, I used the Alter Type-Moon figure for the coat (surprisingly easy to get off even though it's glued on). For now, I'm using the Rin 2.0 body/head/etc with the Rin 1.0 arms (baggy enough to look like coat arms).

At this stage, it's just a test. I've done zero modifications to anything - they are all the original pieces, unpainted, nothing cut or otherwise done.

I need to paint the buttons on the sleeves, probably repaint the coat and dremel out a hole for the stand and adjust the shoulders of the coat a little (it's a little tight on the shoulders).

Final custom coat tutorial here: BLOG #30938

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Alminahace 4 años#14290251Wonderful mix and match! I really like this outfit of her. Red fits her perfectly!
I agree! This is my favorite outfit in the UBW show, so I really wanted to see if it was that hard for someone with zero skills to attempt a replication. A couple of people in Japan have posted about creating custom figmas of this look before, using the FA4 trading figure as a base. Most recently, someone took the Figma 2.0 to do it (g-soldier.com/f...) which seemed more do-able than I thought! More work to do but probably not that much, by skipping out on a complicated re-paint of the arms and just focus on the coat to match the 1.0 arms. :)
hace 4 años
Wonderful mix and match! I really like this outfit of her. Red fits her perfectly!
hace 4 años