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So I got my first Detolf...
And someone already managed to claim the bottom floor...
And objected fiercely to the tries to extract him from there...

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SengokuGensuihace 4 años#14021083Great cats think alike :D

Ironically, he looks almost exactly like yours too.
hace 4 años
eviljackspicerhace 4 años#14020206Man, the times are changing.
Last time I got something this big, I got a free toaster.
You got a free cat? Lucky...
Next thing you'll know they will start giving up 1/4 scales :D
hace 4 años
xTAZORxhace 4 años#14020076Be careful dude, for a picture similar to this one but with dogs I was tagged as "Animal abuser" and even harassed via pm xDDDO:
|That picture was really cute though
hace 4 años
Karumihace 4 años#14016789That's what makes cats weird.
"I want to be in there."
*goes in detolf*
"Oh noes! I'm in here!"
*hooman opens door*
"Wait...no, I want to stay here."
*closes door*
*opens door*
"Actually, I don't want to get out..."
LOOOL Perfect cat logic XD
hace 4 años
ChocolateSpiderhace 4 años#14016711Dis mah detolf now, hooman. Now bring me kitty treats! >:DActually we treat him too much, he built up the habit of following us to the kitchen every time and mewing, hoping to get something P:
hace 4 años
lightningmaidhace 4 años#14016539Free the kitty.I tried, he objected XD
hace 4 años
take123hace 4 años#14009193That cat looks extremely surprised
"why am I here!"
That's actually his usual appearance lol
hace 4 años
sugardaddygaiushace 4 años#14008653...My cat actually did this last night.Great cats think alike :D
hace 4 años
mangasus90hace 4 años#14007462lol that cat :DKirenisahace 4 años#14009074LOL yes mwahahaCat overlord (:
hace 4 años
LivingDaylighthace 4 años#140069571/1 cat model, limited+exclusive XD
Superb pose and top-class painting done on this one
He's my ultimate grail indeed! <3
hace 4 años
The world's finest hobby kits and toys, direct from Japan.

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