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MCC - MyChihuahuaCollection

DisclaimerHideThe doggies weren't harmed during the process and after a pair of minutes they were rewarded with some delicious prizes for their good job, and of course I love them all ♥:D

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LOL.....this cracks me up, love it!
hace 2 años
Good dogs company did a very good job on these !
hace 3 años
Fishcaek-Chan Super Waifu Fun time
hace 4 años
They all seem to have different expressions; the bottom one is a bit like "what am I doing in here?!", whereas the one in the middle is just all " 'sup", and the top dog is all "HAHAHA, bow before me, as I am GIANT".
hace 4 años
skylinedo BANNED
katsudonhace 4 años#12840535There was a very special snowflake that went off on a self-righteous rant over the beating the dead horse photo trilogy the other week, even threw out the word 'justice'- and it read like something I would find on Tumblr. Report whoever is sending you those PMs, as you didn't do anything wrong.can't those damn extremists stfu online and just stick to offline? I see/hear enough of their shit irl. This place is supposed to be my break from the politically correct fuckers. They need Go outside and try make a "difference" gtfo my mfc!
hace 4 años
Muntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・
xTAZORxhace 4 años#12842281I just blacklisted that user, it seems He/She want me to delete the picture by any means.This isn't specifically just toward you but also toward everyone in the community - if you feel you are being verbally harassed by a user in PMs please report the user or PM an ADM so they can see the messages and take care of it. We take cyberbullying seriously on this website and PMs are not excluded from our community guidelines.
hace 4 años
Good shit OP

Also, I missed the drama but none of them look at all like they're stressed out or appeasing except ~maybe~ the bottom one so alerter needs to chill.
hace 4 años
xTAZORxhace 4 años#12842281
I'm not sure a PM is reportable, anyway I just blacklisted that user, it seems He/She want me to delete the picture by any means.

you can report an individual user though
hace 4 años
What brand? X3
hace 4 años
Although I don't agree with putting a dog in a glass display (As you can clearly see through the animals eyes it's not comfortable) , It is a very unique picture. Doesn't mean you are abusing your animals, I'm sure you take very well care of them. Coming from Arizona, I can say this is nothing compared to what people do to their animals here. In 115 degree weather they keep dogs chained outside without shade or water. It's terrifying and upsetting to know that animals are suffering all over my area and all you can do is sit and watch.

So people need to realize this isn't really abuse at all. People are just very sensitive when it comes to animals, including myself. I honestly care more about their well being than humans.
hace 4 años
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