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    Jun 01, 2016
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    May 29, 2016 - Jun 04, 2016

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So cute, the group of Love Live ! at the beach <3
hace 3 años
Wow! I ♡ IT ! ^^
hace 4 años
Terrence Collects scales exclusively
Aha, I seriously cannot get over how cute Honoka's expression is, that sheer dissapointment when no one told her where they were going :P awesome picture and nice costume swaps!
hace 4 años
Is Kotori on a Shimakaze body?
hace 4 años
Hanayo looks so serious.

Hanayo: "Today I will conquer my fear of jellyfish!" >:o
hace 4 años
This is adorable!!
hace 4 años
hahahaha, I just noticed it at the time I saw your comment xD made my day :D

raijinn21293hace 4 años#10909271Nice! Almost didn't notice Saitama there for a second
hace 4 años
Omg! This is so cute! n.n ❤
hace 4 años
LOL, Honoka certainly dressed for the occasion!
hace 4 años
Wooow so cute !!! :D
hace 4 años